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Tours & Pricing

Our ghost tours in Brighton and East Sussex cover a wide variety of themes and aim to recapture the sense of exploration, fear and wonder that came with the golden age of discovery in days gone by.

We operate ghost tours, monster hunts and occult explorations in East Sussex generally, too, with outings and quests that inspire, scare and surprise!

The tours are led by Professor Bond, an eccentric yet brilliant scientist with a craving for discovery. He’s a bit of an odd fellow (the most brilliant among us always are), but you can be sure that every adventure with him is one to remember! Due to the unpredictable nature of ghost tours, zombie apocalypses and hunts for unknown monsters, you can’t be too sure exactly how an evening on one of his tours will unfold! Where will he take you? You’ll have to come along to find out…



We offer a wide variety of tours in Brighton, all of which follow the theme of the enigmatic, the spooky and the mysterious. Which one dare you pick?









Please note the tours featured in this website are suitable for any person, provided they’re over the age of sixteen and of moderate fitness. Those with any specific requirements should contact us prior to participation.