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About Us

Enigma Tours is led by a team of enthusiastic, diligent ‘investigators’ presided over by the learned, yet highly unorthodox, ‘Professor’ Bond, an exceedingly intelligent, yet decidedly strange, scientist with a passion for the paranormal.

He guides guests on exciting ghost tours in Brighton and explorations into matters relating to the occult, the supernatural, ghosts, strange legends and even monster hunts in East Sussex and beyond.





As the name “Enigma” suggests, nothing on these historical tours is quite what it seems. It may be a challenge for guests to fully determine whether what they are experiencing is real, imagined or somewhere in between! It will often be spooky but will always involve a high degree of humour. Certainly, it will be entertaining and always fun. Our activities are crafted to be unique and, although we do provide “ghost tours,” as they’re traditionally named, we give them a twist, perhaps more akin to ‘The Blair Witch Project’ or a “Scooby-Doo’ type escapade. A unique and unorthodox combination!

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The Logistics of a Ghost Hunt

Typically, each event will last for approximately three hours, with transport (usually a minibus) provided for a group of around thirty to forty adventurers. We have a motto on our historical tours: ‘always expect the unexpected.’ Anything could happen and, with Professor Bond, be certain, something will! Each escapade will be as unique as each individual guest.



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Our historical tours should enhance team building skills. It will stimulate imagination, prove the importance of mutual respect for others but, most importantly, provide you with long-lasting and proud memories of the time you helped Professor Bond on one of his mad excursions. You may even be the hero that saves the human race!

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Give us a call now, on 07743 245 789 to see where we’re heading next!

Enigma has deliberately excluded from this website certain specific details of our historical tours. We want to keep you ‘in the dark’, as it were, so you don’t know what’s coming. There is likely to be an unfolding story leading to the climax of each particular adventure. As the plot thickens, you could be searching for clues or finding solutions to how your intrepid group of explorers are going to ‘survive’ the situation. Don’t be too alarmed of at any point Professor Bond, or any of his assistants become ‘possessed’ by a demonic entity or if extra-terrestrials attempt to alter the chemistry of their brains with gamma rays. Just look after yourself and your group. The professor will have experienced far worse!








Enigma Tours also provides entertainment designed for children.

Please contact us if you wish to receive further information on 07743 245 789.

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Please note the tours featured in this website are suitable for any person, provided they’re over the age of sixteen and of moderate fitness. Those with any specific requirements should contact us prior to participation.