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Ghosts, Monsters and more! You really won’t believe your eyes when you embark on a new adventure with us, on a ghost tour in Brighton, or East Sussex generally. The world has been mapped, uploaded, downloaded and defined from top to bottom, pillar to post. Recapture that sense of wonder and exploration with our ghost tours in Brighton and East Sussex. Visit haunted houses, hunt monsters or survive the zombie apocalypse, if you can!

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Stories From The Past

 Providing a thrilling range of unique and unpredictable adventures on our ghost tours in Brighton, Enigma Tours aims to recreate the magic of bygone eras – eras which pre-date the fully-automated, instant, digital world we now live in. Allow us to take you back a few steps in time and savour the emotions, excitement and even the fear of pioneering explorers of the past. Imagine those living centuries ago, gazing over the sea, up at the moon and at the stars beyond.

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An Age of Wonder...

Enigma ghost tours in Brighton will not imitate the exploits and magnificent achievements of such intrepid explorers as Neil Armstrong, Vasco Da Gama or Sir Francis Drake. It will, however, capture much of the romance, adrenaline and camaraderie from the great adventures of past expeditions, whilst aiming to unearth fresh stories worthy of further investigation.

We are driven, on our ghost tours in Brighton, by the desire to unearth all that remains undiscovered. That said, the primary objective for Enigma Tours is for you, our guests, to have fun and make memories to last a lifetime!

Rediscover History

We find ourselves at a point in the timeline of human history where we’re born too late to discover the earth, yet too early to discover the universe. Together, on our ghost tours in Brighton, we can recreate that sense of discovery and danger on an adventure to remember!

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Please note the tours featured in this website are suitable for any person, provided they’re over the age of sixteen and of moderate fitness. Those with any specific requirements should contact us prior to participation.