There is something about us humans that makes us explore. The greater intensity of a particular mystery, the more intrigued we become. This may explain the lengths we will go to in broadening our knowledge.  We used to gaze at the stars up above; now some of us are planning their next trip into space, even maybe to take a holiday there.

This genetic trait to explore with such gusto allows on to endure and even enjoy the sense of fear that accompanies us when we cannot be sure if we will remain unharmed or otherwise. It is no surprise to me that horror and thriller movies are so popular and have remained so for a great many years. We know we are only watching a film, but I wonder how many of us find ourselves compelled to turn all the lights on in the home and take a final look around, just to make sure there is nothing lurking in a corner or under the bed!

Enigma Tours, whist seeking to avoid replication, is content to evoke similar emotions of those who first bore witness to ‘The Golden Age of Science Fiction’, started in the United States in 1938 and continued until 1946. Prior to this, the 1920’s and 1930’s had seen ‘The Pulp Era’. The 1960’s and 1970’s staged what is sometimes referred to as ‘New Wave Science Fiction.’ King Kong, Marvel and DC Comics remain popular brands to the present day, and I cannot imagine the day they will be forgotten.  At some point in the future human beings may be able to travel far enough into the darkest corners of the universe, where cosmic forces are so strong, that the very strange and extremely ferocious, ‘multi-dimensional, purple goo- goo bears can bask quite happily in the heat of twenty ‘super suns’. When we see them, we will be equally amazed as the first Europeans to see lions, tigers, elephants that roamed lands far from home. Until then, Enigma Tours has to be the next best thing with our ghost tours in Brighton, so happy monster hunting and always expect the unexpected!

Richard Jarvis

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